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At 1000 Folded Cranes, Dr. Fred’s style of acupuncture takes this esteemed healing practice from the realm of theory and esoterics into the direct experience of reality. Dr. Fred is a master diagnostician and by treating what he feels, both the practitioner and the patient have some immediate indication as to the effectiveness of the treatment. Dr. Fred’s acupuncture combines classical Chinese medical principles with modern pathophysiology and western anatomy in a way that facilitates the understanding and brings out the best in treatment outcomes. As a rule, Dr. Fred’s acupuncture is shallow and virtually painless.

Also known as “Dry Needling” in sports/physical therapy circles, Dr. Fred relies on proven acupuncture and healing techniques that should only be performed by a licensed acupuncturist. As such, the body can benefit from one or more treatments designed to help promote balance in the body (Qi or Chi – pronounced: Chee) for common ailments and physical injury.

Dr. Fred is able to elicit the “De Qi”, or arrival of Qi, not through thick needles and painful insertion, but through proper diagnosis, point selection and his refined technique. Dr. Fred has studied classical Chinese styles, Japanese acupuncture, trigger point therapy and now while practicing Master Tung acupuncture, he has come into a style all of his own.