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House Calls


Building upon the maxim to “meet the patient where they’re at”, Dr. Fred has taken this one step further by literally meeting his patients where they’re at: Home! Dr. Fred has extensive experience helping patients heal in their own homes and is available on certain days for house calls in these neighborhoods: Miracle Mile, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Silver Lake and the South Bay. Dr. Fred will bring all supplies, needle disposal containers, and a massage table; or you can enjoy treatments in a bed, sofa, yoga mat…

Benefits of House Calls

  • You won’t have to waste any time traveling to your appointment or waiting in an office.
  • You can receive treatment even when you don’t feel well enough to leave the house.
  • Appointments are not rushed, and therefore you receive the best quality care possible.
  • You are treated in an environment of greater comfort, security, and confidentiality — your own home.

For home visits, Dr. Fred provide his patients with the proper insurance receipts (including diagnosis codes) for submission to their individual insurance carrier. These receipts are known in the medical world as “Super Bills”. If your insurance company will not reimburse you for the services rendered, the receipts may be able to be applied to your deductible or accepted into a flex-spending account. Many patients find these receipts to be quite useful in saving them money throughout the course of their care.