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Failure as Success

12 Mar No Comments Fred Ragsdale Health and Wellness

Yesterday, my twelve-year-olds’ basketball team won their league championship.  It was quite an exciting moment for all—players, parents and me.  What made it especially sweet was that the few games before we went on our playoff run, we had gotten blown out.  Parents were yelling at me (that’s grist for anther post), kids were dejected and we found ourselves the underdogs come playoff time.  I’ve been doing this coaching and playing sports gig for many, many years and I have lost far more than I have won and so to my players, I harped incessantly on keeping an even keel, losing more than winning, blahblahblah–Something about falling on deaf ears.  And then, BAM. Champions.  Lessons taught through life.  We were on the hurt-end of a blowout one week and champions a few weeks later.  The highs and lows of sports.  And guess what, if we played again next week, I’m sure we would lose to this same team. That’s what I love about sports.  The inherent marvel that failure is baseline.  You lose.  You strike out.  You shoot an air-ball.  There is no hiding behind subtleties.  The game is over, you look across the …(full article)

Why Kids Love Acupuncture, and Parents Too!

Racing into your moaning child’s room in the middle of the night and feeling their body burning with a blistering fever…a fitful cough which has gone on for a week keeping everyone in the house from sleeping- initially chock-full of yellow phlegm, then its dry and hacking, now its phlegmy again…the third earache this term that pulls your child out of school and into the doctor’s office where they have suggested yet another course of antibiotics.  These are but a few of the health concerns that children and their parents endure. Children take to acupuncture remarkably well, while recent studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can serve as a significant alternative or adjunct to other treatments. “As a father of two young children, I’ve experienced the fear and helplessness that accompanies the screaming fits of a sick child.” -Fred Ragsdale LAc, 1000 Folded Cranes Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture can help kids with: Colds/Immune System Conditions Cough Allergies Asthma Digestive Complaints Bed Wetting Otis Media (ear infection) Eczema Teenage Acne Failure to Thrive ADHD* Autism/ASD* Want more health tips? Subscribe to our newsletter. The Unique Physiology of Children Chinese medicine wisely recognizes that children have …(full article)

Acupuncture & Phobias

31 May No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Your fears may not be real, but the bio-chemical responses they evoke in your body are. Acupuncture is an important tool for relieving the physical symptoms of anxiety/fear/phobias, with far fewer side effects than a purely pharmacological treatment. 19 million Americans are ‘officially’ diagnosed as suffering under a recognized ‘phobia”. We can assume many, many more of us grind through unrecognized anxiety every day.  Which puts great strain on our bodies, health, and well-being. Whole of phobia treatments, to understand and reduce the root causes of these anxieties, is highly recommended.  As a part of this holistic treatment, acupuncture offers an immediate relief from the more debilitating symptoms of our fears. These symptoms can include: physical, such as an irregular heartbeat cognitive, which can cause negative thoughts behavioral, which may include uncharacteristic aggression or restlessness emotional, such as fear. Practitioners of Western Medicine are beginning to measure the effectiveness in acupuncture as comparable to cognitive-behavior therapy in the treatment of anxiety disorders.  And one of the unheralded benefits of Acupuncture to treat the immediate symptoms of anxiety, is that it is immediate. 70% of Western medical appointments are for treatment …(full article)

Adaptogens – Body Balancers

22 Feb No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

  Our bodies are like a household full of different people. If the baby’s been up all night with colic, no one is going to function particularly well the next day. If Mom and Dad are having financial stresses, the effects of that will echo like a gong down to every level, stressing everyone, not just the kids when the latest trip to the mall doesn’t garner a new set of Pokemon cards. If the dog craps in the laundry and everyone trails it through the house, that house isn’t gonna smell like lavender. Everything is connected and everything affects everything else. Adaptogens are herbal powerhouses. Ginseng, rhodiola, ashwagandha, holy basil, reishi – adaptogens have been used for several thousand years in both Chinese and Indian medicine systems. There is a big difference between adaptogens and conventional Western drugs. “Drugs are typically designed to block or replace something,” explains Catherine Guthrie in Experience Life. “For instance, Celebrex lessens arthritis pain by inhibiting COX-2, an enzyme that causes inflammation. But COX-2 also shields the body from heart disease and stroke. Obstructing it brings on a two- to three-fold increase in heart attacks …(full article)

The Guilt of Stress

15 Feb No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Do you feel guilty when you’re stressed? When you find yourself overwhelmed by your life, do you take the opportunity to stick the boot in? You’re stressed? Why not add a slab of guilt on top about how somehow you’re entirely responsible for working your life up into something super shiny and status-update-worthy? Lacking motivation because you’re depressed? Here’s a perfect opportunity to smack yourself up a little extra about how damn lazy you are. What better time for that kind of self-analysis while you’re already crying into your pillow?   It’s probably not all that surprising in our super-individualized society that we blame ourselves when things go wrong. But the reality is that our world isn’t working very well at the moment, so no wonder we are stressed. We are not separate from our world, no matter what Descartes might have told us. What many of us are feeling is a sense that we are not just at the end of an old story, but that a new one is waiting to be born. The old story is crumbling and the new one is not quite here yet, more …(full article)

The Bittersweet Effect of Adversity

1 Feb No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Adversity: a simple word with a difficult and complex manifestation in the real world.  Adversity exists on a spectrum and can range from everyday problems to catastrophic issues.  Either way, it is rare to go a day without facing some level of it.  Think back to your last memorable instance of adversity.  How did you feel?  Did you become nervous and panicked?  Stressed and overwhelmed?  Yeah, me too.   Which is why it’s important to find ways to cope with the challenges we are so frequently presented with.  That is why, right here, right now, I’d like to slow down for a moment and just fast facts: life is tough and full of challenges.   First off, it is imperative that you understand deep in the marrow of your bones that there is no template to this; the way you deal with adversity will be different from how everyone else deals with this erstwhile companion.  Finding your own unique methods to solving problems is one of the greatest strengths you can develop in this life.  As long as you are facing your challenges and not running from them, you are on …(full article)

Treat Carpal Tunnel Syndrome with Acupuncture

26 Jan No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

  Did you know there are natural interventions to help you cure the aches and pains you have after a long day of work? We all know the feeling of getting up after a long typing session. Your fingers cramp…your back aches…your eyes are dry. While most of those things go away with a few stretches, carpal tunnel syndrome does not disappear as easily. Most CTS conditions arise from poor ergonomics for long hours and the symptoms can be uncomfortable, painful, and even incapacitating.   There are a few ways doctors treat CTS. Western medicine relies on splints to immobilize the area. The next step is generally anti-inflammatory medications and cortisone shots. For the worst cases, surgery is an option. All of these protocols have their drawbacks, are at best are temporary and are often times ineffective.  Often the best course of action is to take ownership of your own healing through natural and holistic remedies, such as:   Acupuncture Acupuncture has been used for a variety of sports injuries over the years and more recently, it has proven successful for carpal tunnel syndrome as well. It can improve the symptoms and …(full article)

Unlocking Longevity with Luteolin

18 Jan No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Who among us isn’t seduced by the idea of living forever…Or at least for a helluva long time? You’ve seen it in the movies and the characters always look amazing for their age, right? While eternal life may not be practical for us average folk, there are some powerful items that naturally appear in a variety of foods that can help treat and prevent chronic and debilitating diseases such as cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s and many others. Luteolin is a bioflavonoid that naturally appears in vegetables, plants and herbs, such as chrysanthemum.  It has started to reveal itself as a highly important piece of the prevention puzzle. Studies have shown that those who partake of a diet in whole foods that contain Luteolin are easily able to prevent certain diseases and slow others. If they already have these ailments, while they cannot cure themselves, they can reduce the severity of the issues they endure. Studies done in 2010 also show Luteolin laden foods as memory boosters. Since Luteolin reduces inflammation and aids nerve and muscle function, it is often referred to as a super food. It can be found in items …(full article)

A Few Easy Ways to Start Your Day

14 Dec No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

As the first hazy light of morning forces its way into your room, your eyelids flutter and you instinctively glance at the alarm clock noticing that it’s a mere two minutes from going off. An arm stretches to hit snooze before you even realize it’s your own. Now your first conscious thought: “I only have ten minutes to sleep! What am I gonna do?” Stressful thoughts about the day start to creep into your head: feed kids, take them to school, work, etc, and it only makes you want to sleep all the more. But let it be known, mornings do not have to be like this! Waking up doesn’t equate to suffering. It doesn’t need to be some kind of panicky struggle that, even on a good day, feels nearly impossible. I’ve been in that place of lethargy and malaise; I know how hard it can be to get the day going. That is why I’ve created a list of five easy ways to get your day going. With as many as there are, you shouldn’t have trouble finding a couple that work for you. 1. Stretch. Doing some …(full article)

Acupuncture and other Natural Remedies for Acne

23 Nov No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Pimples have been ruining potential dates and causing teenagers to sulk since the begin-ning of time. That is because acne is a problem that affects nearly everyone at some point in their lives. It is estimated that between ages 12 and 24 nearly 85% of people will develop some kind of acne or related skin problem. All jokes and statistics aside, however, acne is a problem for adults as well. Though chronic breakouts are classically thought of as an adolescent affliction, many folks 25 years or older continue to have a problem with it. Fortunately, all the acne treatments covered here are just as effective for adults as adolescents. Acne isn’t the end of the world, and doesn’t often cause any real lasting problems, but let’s face it, it can cause insecurity, hamper social interactions, and just be downright annoying in our day-to-day lives. This in turn can lead us to use prescription topical creams and even medica-tions, some of which can have extremely serious side effects. That is why I feel the need to take a moment out and list a few natural ways that, despite your age, you …(full article)