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Inflammation and Depression

4 Nov No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Depression and anxiety can strike anyone at any time. But with the winter approaching and the sweet yellow orb of vitamin D that is the sun giving way to longer and longer nights, mental illness becomes more prevalent than ever. Fortunately, however, we are gaining a greater understanding of what causes depression, and have recently made some promising discoveries on what some potential causes may be. Surprisingly, recent studies suggest that depression may be nothing more than an allergic reaction to inflammation in our bodies. Specifically to a type of mind-related inflammation called neuroinflammation. Every case of anxiety and depression is different, but there seems to be evidence now that with certain cases, a few simple lifestyle changes could prove to be a very effective treatment. So… how is it that inflammation, depression, and anxiety are related? Tim de Chant from NOVA explains that inflammation is our immune system’s natural response to injuries, infections, or foreign compounds. Our bodies respond to these triggers by pumping various cells and proteins to the source of the injury, which are called cytokines, a class of proteins that facilitate intercellular communication. It has also …(full article)

Be Gone, Pesky Flu!

19 Oct No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

The fall tends to be a busy time of year for most people, and because of that, one of the most inconvenient times to get sick. Unfortunately, it’s also the start of flu season, and the threat of getting sicker than you normally would during the rest of the year, becomes very real. The flu as an illness is serious enough to greatly disrupt your professional and personal life. Luckily for us, though, there are many ways we can try to prevent the savage illness from invading our immune system. Or, if we do wind up getting it, there are many ways we can palliate the sickness without having to turn to artificial methods. The best remedies for any sicknesses are natural. And among the natural remedies that work very well against the flu, herbs and supplements are at the top of the list. The five herbs and supplements listed below will help build your immune system and sig-nificantly reduce the likelihood that the flu will effect you. If it does, however, these herbs will make your flu experience much more bearable. 1.) Garlic. Though this one is technically more …(full article)

Nobel Prize for Chinese Medicine

6 Oct No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

As far back as recorded history, traditional Chinese medicine has been providing us with healthy and natural ways to enhance, protect, and even save, our lives. Unfortunately, as Western medical theory moved into the modern era, this and other traditional medicines were shelved as nothing more than folklore and pseudo-scientific. Of all the misconceptions about Eastern medicine, the one that is perhaps the most clearly untrue is that it is a stagnant practice. Some might assume that since it’s ancient, it’s no longer progressing. They see it as a collection of prehistoric natural remedies, the uses of which can’t be updated and enhanced. They couldn’t be further for the truth. The proof that Eastern medicine is still making incredible strides lies in Youyou Tu’s recent Nobel-prize winning discovery: a drug called Artemesinin. Her new drug successfully battles malaria, a profoundly devastating disease that claims the lives of one million people worldwide each year. The most shocking part of this amazing news, however, is that Artemesinin was not concocted in a laboratory, but rather is an herb that has long been used in traditional Chinese medicine. It’s located in the plant …(full article)

Mind and Body Effects of Meditation

1 Oct No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Everyone wants to be happy. Full stop. ‘Nuff said…And yet, the “rub” is that most of us don’t have any clue how to get from here to there, so we trade in trivialities (aka “distractions”) that we’ve tricked ourselves into believing are the essential steppingstones across the river: money, success, power, sex, drugs, self-help guides, gurus, ad nauseum, ad nauseum. Ah, sweet confusion. It is the stuff we obsess and possess that allow the possible to remain impossible. It’s all right here! (emphatically fingering his chest) Now, this is not some soapbox rant imploring the masses to deny that the pursuits and desires of life aren’t valid or to argue that we must repudiate all earthly pleasures and take on the ways of ascetic monks; but rather, a sorta long-winded introduction to a practice, a simple teeny-tiny habit that is guaranteed to broaden our perspectives and cleanse the palate so that we can enter a state of deeper appreciation for life. However it may be. Meditation. With that said, it is undeniable that meditation is capable of having many positive effects on both our mind and body. Below we will …(full article)

The Joys of Single-Tasking

22 Sep No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Mondays at the mill.  Two patients on tables. Ten or so browser windows open on the computer and promising elucidation on everything from new-fangled scientific discoveries, to tips on being a “Modern Dad”; from patient scheduling software to… what’s this- “Paper airplane design”??  Each of these bright & shiny opportunities seducing me with potential– I have so much to learn! What can I accomplish today! Faster! More options needed! But only for a moment because now the ring-ringing and I’m on the phone scheduling a new patient while in the kitchen making a sandwich and jotting down “things to buy” on the fridge door…”What’s that you say?” I ask the sandwich since I’m only half-concentrating on my phone conversation as I enter her appointment time underneath “butter” and above “laundry detergent”.  Then back to the computer and answering emails while thinking up quirky blog posts…oh sh*t, almost forgot the patient in room two. Ah, multi-tasking.  That ever seemingly-effective yet troublingly superficial way of experiencing the nitty and the gritty that make up our life. There is a better way, however.  One that my wife in her infinite wisdom has christened, …(full article)

Can’t Sleep?–Try this Natural Remedy for Insomnia

18 Sep No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

You can’t sleep.  It feels like it’s been hours… years even.  Let’s face it, you feel like crap, and nothing seems to help.  You don’t think too much of it the first night; it’s not unusual to not get enough sleep every once in a while.  But when one night turns into two nights, and two nights turns into three, a feeling of panic fills your gut and the terrifying question you have long been suppressing suddenly becomes impossible to ignore: what if I never get a good night’s sleep again?  But take it from me, one who has had his day in the sun (or dark) with insomnia, there are many things out there that can help you get the rest you need and deserve. You’ve probably heard plenty about how you should exercise, eat well, and do a bunch of other stuff during the day in order to make it less likely you’ll experience insomnia at night.  And while it’s true that those things are very important to regularly practice, sometimes you need access to other, less obvious coping mechanisms.  When you are lying there staring at a …(full article)

Acupuncture for Anxiety Relief

14 Sep No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Anxiety. Even the word itself seems to sound daunting, conjuring up waves of worrying, tension and nervousness. Maybe you’re internally wrestling with an important decision you have to make, or struggling to concentrate but can’t seem to find a way to focus. Maybe you’ve been there lately, maybe you haven’t. If you or a loved one has ever suffered from a mind-numbing bout of anxiety, acupuncture may be your calling. Natural Treatment As an alternative to medication or ongoing sessions of therapy treatment, acupuncture offers a holistic way to find anxiety relief. Acupuncture follows a line of thought stemming from ancient Chinese medicine. By working with qi, the body’s internal energy, acupuncturists work towards restoring harmony and balance. Time to Unplug In our inter-connected age, it’s easy to fall into a state of uneasiness at all times. Maybe you have a chronic habit of not being able to disengage from your mobile device for more than a matter of minutes. Or you find yourself constantly refreshing your email inbox, anxiously awaiting an answer. Perhaps it’s “FOMO”, or the millennial way of saying, “Fear of Missing Out”. Regardless, if you find …(full article)

Why Acupuncture Should Be Your Go-To For Pain

If it’s an ‘itis’, it’s inflammation.  And we’ve all had an “itis,” right? They’re literally and figuratively a pain, but the reason behind them isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, inflammation is just your body’s attempt to heal itself.  Take a sore throat (or pharyngitis) for example.  You have a virus in your body that’s affecting your throat.  Your immune system concentrates itself at the scene of the crime and swells and heats up in order to kill and battle the pathogens.  Once your immune system has done its job and the pathogens have been dealt with, the swelling goes down and your throat doesn’t hurt anymore.  Basically when a part of your body gets inflamed, it’s just a sign your immune system is being its good ol’ badass self. But inflammation can also be a sign of a serious problem, especially when it’s chronic.  You’re probably familiar with the more common types we talked about before: the transient and innocuous kind that can usually be seen with the naked eye.  What we are rarely aware of, however, is silent inflammation.  Silent inflammation is especially dangerous because unlike typical …(full article)

Facing the Vulnerable You

7 Jul No Comments admin1000 Health and Wellness

Vulnerability. We all experience the dread of coming face-to-face with our weaknesses and fears manifest. The racing heart. The light-headedness. The overwhelming need to break down and cry. Unfortunately in the West, we are often taught to push beyond our vulnerabilities as they are considered a sign of lesser character or even narcissism. Yet as is proven in physics, energy never disappears but rather alchemizes into different forms and functions. The need for a good cry, box-locked and forgotten will one day rear its ugly mug with demands compounded and physiological-the body will be forced to deal with what the mind tried to evade. And yet, God forbid you open-up and show your vulnerable side to your doctor. A doctor who was trained to look at the body and its dis-ease compartmentalized from the spiritual and emotional whereabouts of the patient. These pesky little burdens which are quickly dispatched for fear of “dirty’ing up”the clean field of diagnostic medicine. However, it is often while sitting quietly in acceptance of this vulnerability and by shining a light on our most elemental fears that the greatest strides in healing can be met. …(full article)

Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

10 Jun No Comments Fred Ragsdale Acupuncture Treatment

Women are blessed and burdened with a complex and dynamic physiology.  Fluctuations ranging from the subtle to the sublime require their bodies to engage in an intricate hormonal dance, a balance often not supported by the stressors of modern day life. Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) is one of the most common imbalances suffered by women.   Approximately 75% of all menstruating women experience PMS and yet, it is still not fully understood by Western medicine, which defines it as a cluster of psychological and physiological symptoms connected to the luteal phase of the cycle (from ovulation to day 1) and is usually due to an imbalance in progesterone and estrogen. Western doctors have only recently moved beyond the ‘grin and bear it’ stage to their current practice of prescribing medication:   birth control pills to stabilize estrogen and progesterone levels, diuretics to help with water retention, and repackaged Prozac (Sarafem) for anti-depression and the other emotional disturbances. While these offer   symptomatic relief, they do nothing to address the cause of the problem nor are they without side effects. In Chinese medicine, the shifts in hormones that define the menstrual cycle are interpreted through …(full article)