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Why Kids Love Acupuncture, and Parents Too!

Racing into your moaning child’s room in the middle of the night and feeling their body burning with a blistering fever…a fitful cough which has gone on for a week keeping everyone in the house from sleeping- initially chock-full of yellow phlegm, then its dry and hacking, now its phlegmy again…the third earache this term that pulls your child out of school and into the doctor’s office where they have suggested yet another course of antibiotics.  These are but a few of the health concerns that children and their parents endure. Children take to acupuncture remarkably well, while recent studies have demonstrated that acupuncture can serve as a significant alternative or adjunct to other treatments. “As a father of two young children, I’ve experienced the fear and helplessness that accompanies the screaming fits of a sick child.” -Fred Ragsdale LAc, 1000 Folded Cranes Acupuncture Clinic Acupuncture can help kids with: Colds/Immune System Conditions Cough Allergies Asthma Digestive Complaints Bed Wetting Otis Media (ear infection) Eczema Teenage Acne Failure to Thrive ADHD* Autism/ASD* Want more health tips? Subscribe to our newsletter. The Unique Physiology of Children Chinese medicine wisely recognizes that children have …(full article)

Why Acupuncture Should Be Your Go-To For Pain

If it’s an ‘itis’, it’s inflammation.  And we’ve all had an “itis,” right? They’re literally and figuratively a pain, but the reason behind them isn’t always a bad thing.  In fact, inflammation is just your body’s attempt to heal itself.  Take a sore throat (or pharyngitis) for example.  You have a virus in your body that’s affecting your throat.  Your immune system concentrates itself at the scene of the crime and swells and heats up in order to kill and battle the pathogens.  Once your immune system has done its job and the pathogens have been dealt with, the swelling goes down and your throat doesn’t hurt anymore.  Basically when a part of your body gets inflamed, it’s just a sign your immune system is being its good ol’ badass self. But inflammation can also be a sign of a serious problem, especially when it’s chronic.  You’re probably familiar with the more common types we talked about before: the transient and innocuous kind that can usually be seen with the naked eye.  What we are rarely aware of, however, is silent inflammation.  Silent inflammation is especially dangerous because unlike typical …(full article)